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frames of video

video projection on concrete

80x120x10 cm

In Until Concrete (2016), the artist cuts out colored paper with his hand in a spiral motion. The plane becomes a circle and the circle in point until the color is confused with the concrete. The irregularity of the movement and the imperfection of the edges lend physical force to the image of a moving painting made by the subtraction of color.

View of Solo Exhibition "Until the Concrete" at Galpão Fortes D'Aloia & Gabriel, São Paulo, 2016.



frames of video

Video projection, audio

90x120 cm

18 min in loop

The artist deposits knives in a white plastic bag until the point of this does not support them anymore and drop them.

View of the installation at Pampulha Art Museum, Belo Horizonte, MG, Brazil, 2011.



frames of video

Video projection, audio

40x53 cm

2 min. 30 seg em loop

The contents of a bottle are poured on the side of a glass and not into it. As a proof of order action can describe a mistake or the possibility of it and the beginning of a revolution.



frames of video

Video projection, audio

65x100 cm

8 min 53 seg em loop

The book whose title baptizes the work is placed on sheets of pink paper. A hand comes in to perform the same gesture dozens of times: wrapping and unwrapping the book using the various sheets. After time, we see them torn, worn, broken, shattered. From the first to the last frame the hands accelerate their process of construction / destruction. The post-war victorious American civilization was also the daughter of the worst side effects of progress.



frames of video

Video projection, audio

95,5x145 cm

28 min. 14 seg.em loop

In Découverte des Américains the analogy with neoconcretism is intentional. fixed camera, a high-pitched yellow, solar, tinges the wall in the background. The floor is taken by white sand. Cellophane papers of different colors held by two hands at the top of the screen fall, one by one.

Half parangoles, half space reliefs. At a first moment each sheet is flat, once released, falling at random, it becomes three-dimensional. Painting gains space, color as a vibrating field becomes manifest as opposed to monochrome, the random, not the order, is the target. Ephemeral sculptures exhibit their spasm of life.



frames of video

video projection on linen, audio

22 min 44 sec in loop

On a black background a hand lights a match stick and drops it on this burning and reveals behind another white plane. Again now over white background lit a match burning and opens it revealing another black plane and so the physical touch of the lit matchstick on the colors reveal its opposite.


Counter-Construction, 2017

frames of video

video projection, audio

100x100 cm projected in open room or until 300x300 cm in closed room

Video in progress, 20 min approximately

"Counter-construction" is a new projection like an installation, and can be projected direct on the older walls the Scupture Center or can be presented in a white room like "Basement area B" Ground Floor and in this case projected in the corner of the room in the wall size 20' 6,1 m. The size of the projection in real scale is 100x100 cm but in this specific room I would like project in extended size until 300x300 cm.

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